Few legal matters are as personal, important, and emotionally taxing as an adoption.  Many questions present themselves during the process: is this to be an open or closed adoption; will we use a private agency, the services of the Department of Human Services, or no agency at all; how much will it cost and how long will it take; will I ever be able to love this child as much as my own biological child; etc.  The questions and concerns are seemingly endless and that is even before you get to the involved legal issues.   Few people are able to understand the emotional roller coaster that an adoption can present without having gone through it themselves.

     Attorney M. Reed Martz knows about this first hand.  Having two adopted children of his own, Oxford, Mississippi, attorney Martz has seen the system from both sides. Effective July 1, 2012, Mississippi made many substantive changes to its adoption laws, making an already complicated area of the law so much the more so.  This is not to say the changes are bad, only that lawyers are now having to adapt to and re-learn the requirements of doing an adoption correctly.  Do not settle for an attorney with no experience with adoptions.

     If you require the services of an attorney for your adoption please contact Reed Martz for a consultation.