Landlord Tenant Law

Oxford, Mississippi, has a lot of rental property for a city of its size, both residential and commercial.  This inevitably leads to a number of issues for tenants, landlords, and the governing authorities.  In point of fact, the City of Oxford has restrictions on the number of unrelated persons who can live in a residential house in certain zoning districts.  Landlords are as varied as Tenants; each group presents its own problems and each draws on different areas of the law for their remedy.

  If you own rental property, either commercial or residential, in Lafayette County and are having trouble with a tenant, you need an attorney who has experience dealing with landlord-tenant law and who can provide you with sound, reliable information to efficiently address your problem and let you get back to the business of profitable leasing.

  If, on the other hand, you are a tenant who is being taken advantage of by a landlord, you need legal guidance on what rights and remedies you have under your lease contract as well as Mississippi law.  Many times tenants have rights of which they are not aware.  A tenant cannot rely on the landlord, or some random internet site, to provide them with sound advice.

  Mississippi has one set of laws for commercial leasing arrangements and a second set for residential leasing arrangements.  If you need assistance with either, please draw on the wisdom and knowledge of attorneyReed Martz, a counselor experienced in this area of law.