Trusts & Estates

The attorneys and staff of Freeland Martz, PLLC have assisted with trusts and estates from Thailand to England and throughout the United States for families whose assets are far-flung as well as clients with local assets. One size does not fit all, and trying to make it fit will cost you and your family in fees and conflicts. Our work helps you avoid these future conflicts. We can help you prepare a simple or complex plan depending on your personal situation.

We will help you create a plan to fit your goals:​​

  • We have helped benefactors give large tracts of land to universities and religious organizations in a manner that preserves the quality of the property as intended for educational purposes.
  • We have assisted families plan as they age so they can leave positive legacies consistent with their values and be enhancing the strength of their families.
  • We have represented the elderly to ensure they maintained their health and autonomy while planning for the inevitable as they age.
  • We have assisted the elderly who have become victims of predators to ensure they maintained their health and financial well-being.

We are able to serve you better than online legal form providers.

Unlike legal form providers, we do not charge for the documents utilized from our extensive library; we charge for our time and expertise. By doing so, we create a custom plan to fit your needs.  We have found from our experience that the utilization of forms on the Internet tends to cost twice as much, as they create misunderstanding and conflict then require correcting.

Here are some examples of problems we have helped fix:

  • A son alienated his mother by having all of her husband’s assets go to him and attempted to disinherit her. When the mother objected to her treatment and contested the will, we helped the mother and son reconcile and recognize that Mississippi law would not recognize a will which was witnessed by the son and left the widow penniless.
  • A father wanted to draw his own will by laying out how he wanted to divide his land.  The problem arose after his death when his drawing was not consistent with the will.  It took three hearings to straighten out the issues, including a trip to the property by the attorneys, chancery judge, and surveyor.
  • Three heirs insisted on managing the assets of an estate before our firm was involved and paid out twice the amount they should have to the decedent’s children and grandchildren. Their attempt to save legal fees ended up costing them four times as much money.

        Accept your family for who they are. Give in joy, leaving a positive legacy. Don’t feed a problem or give with guilt. Assets are merely a tool. You can be generous and give consistently with your values. You can even change family, friends, and your community. You tell us; we make it so. If you are interested in discussing estate planning, please feel free to contact us.