Transactional Services

       Our firm has facilitated transactions regionally and abroad.  We have helped organize various businesses, operating restaurant chains, trucking companies, publishing companies, medical and legal practices, real estate developments, computer software companies, farms, and much more.

        We work to ensure that your transaction happens in the manner you intend, advising you from start to finish, quickly, efficiently, and economically to get the job done.

We can help with:

  • Negotiation of contracts,
  • Resolution of conflicts between a business and their employees,
  • Advising and defending companies related to employee relationships and on the job injuries,
  • Facilitating commercial transactions, large and small, including delta farmland, hunting land, commercial properties, restaurants, professional practices, commercial and residential leases, and developments.
  • Preservation of natural habitat for wildlife, conservation and educational use by way of environmental easements.

  • Freeland Martz facilitates in the Division of a Large Family Farm Partnership 

        The firm represented one of the two families that operated a large family farming operation for over twenty-five years.  When his client asked his partner to add his name to the farm leases, his partner refused. At that point, the parties decided to end the partnership and the other partner attempted to acquire the partnership leaseholds as he could.

Faced with a difficult and emotional situation, the farmer came to the firm to avoid the “every partner for himself” strategy imposed upon him. The firm filed suit to orderly wind down the partnership and allow both partners to distribute the Family Partnership equipment, income, and other assets in a manner to avoid disrupting harvesting and planting seasons. The dispute was resolved without mediation and before it had to be tried in Court. The Firm’s client is farming still, probably better off, having obtained additional property to farm. He anticipates his son joining the operation in a year or two.

  • Freeland Martz assists homeowners associations in applying protective covenants 

       Freeland Martz has assisted developers in the area of creating associations, interpreting and modifying contracts and protective covenants that govern developments and neighborhoods in the area. We have helped our clients avoid litigation and work together insofar as possible and litigate when necessary.