Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Procedure

           In order to do business within the State of Mississippi, corporations and companies whether they are domiciled within Mississippi or are out of state corporations, referred to as “foreign corporations” or “foreign limited liability companies”, must register to do business with the Mississippi Secretary of State and appoint a registered agent.
The registered agent must be located in Mississippi.

         As of August 2014, the Mississippi Secretary of State has automated their application process and all applications are completed online on their website at The filings fees are dependent on what type of entity you are registering to do business in the State. A list of filing fees can be found at If you are registering as a foreign corporation or foreign LLC, you will also have to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State or other entity that incorporates businesses in the state in which your corporation or LLC was initially incorporated.

        Should you choose our law firm as your registered agent, you will list our firm as registered agent on the appropriate online application. We ask that you provide our firm with a copy of the filed documents you receive from the Mississippi Secretary of State so that we may have information regarding your company and your contact information should we need to contact you. When submitting the filed documents, we also ask that you submit your payment to our firm for our services as registered agent. Our law firm charges a flat fee of $75.00 for this service per year. We will bill you annually, and we will send you correspondence reminding you of your duty to file annual reports with the Mississippi Secretary of State and requesting that you provide our office with the appropriate contact at your company whom we will need to notify in the event your company is served with a lawsuit or other legal document in Mississippi. As many legal documents have strict deadlines for response, this is crucial to ensure your company is responsive to any litigation and meets any critical deadlines.

           Any additional services that our firm may provide your company which may relate to beginning to operate in your particular industry within the State of Mississippi and which is not related to reviewing and filing the documents listed above will be charged at our law firm’s typical hourly rates. If you need assistance with filing your annual report, we will be happy to assist in that regard as well for a nominal fee.

Please contact us at Freeland Martz for further information or our firm engagement.