Our Mission

Freeland Martz, PLLC is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation possible. Our team offers a customized one-on-one approach to providing solutions to your problem.

  • Committed to Zealously Pursuing Your Best Interest

We use our legal expertise to zealously represent our clients in an honest, professional manner suited to their unique needs.

  • Committed to Providing Wise Counsel Designed to Solve Problems

We help our clients balance the often competing interests of aggressively defending and prosecuting cases with the economics and realities of litigation. Any attorney can make the case drag on forever, but we try to take a more pragmatic approach to solving problems.

  • Committed to Being Attentive and Accessible

We are accessible and responsive, and we keep our clients informed of the status of their matter.

“If you need a lawyer, then you need a good one! Quality matters most. Expect the highest quality legal representation from Freeland Martz.”

Why We Are A Small Firm               

We are in a small law firm because we do not want to be in a large firm. There are lots of personal reasons for this decision, but the reasons you should care about are why a small firm might be the right fit for you as the client.

Here are some reasons a small firm might be better for your legal matter:

Aligned personal values: In a small firm it is easier to find a lawyer to act consistent with your personal values and goals. Some larger firms are more concerned about the bottom line, how this affects their next case, or advancing their own agenda.

Less red tape: Big firms have lots of opinionated persons and lots of ways things ‘must’ be done. Small firms are more responsive and more flexible.

Less overhead: Big firms have lots of employees to keep busy and lots of infrastructure costs.

Trust: In some larger firms, the attorney you hire may not be the attorney who works on your case. With a small firm, you know who will be handling your case from day 1 and can develop a relationship of trust with that person immediately.

Efficiency: All these factors mean meetings are shorter and more productive.

Quality: Especially in today’s environment, a small firm can compete toe to toe with a large firm. It is impossible to adequately explain how the internet removed the advantages that came with a big law firm.