Homeowners Association

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are usually established as non-profit corporations. While many people think it is enough to have an annual members’ meeting and collect assessments, the reality is that the HOAs require a great deal of professional management. After all, the board is running an actual corporation and is subject to a litany requirements.

An attorney can be an invaluable resource to a HOAs.  Freeland Martz, PLLC, has served HOAs for over a decade.  Our staff can assist your HOA avoid problems through proper planning, ensure compliance with the CCRs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions), and help with problematic owners who seem to have nothing better to do than stir up trouble.  Freeland Martz, PLLC can represent HOAs with particular problems, such as a contentious annual meeting or how to impose a special assessment, or we can enter into a more durable relationship by which we work with the HOA as a long-term business partner.  Of course, we can also assist the HOA (or individual members) in any litigation which might be filed.

Examples of services Freeland Martz, PLLC can offer include:

  • Homeowners’ association formation

  • Homeowners’ association management

  • Drafting, developing, and enforcing Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, CCRs, and other governing documents

  • Ensuring compliance with the CCRs

  • Representing owners or boards in conflict with one another

  • CCR amendments

  • Prosecuting violations of the CCRs

  • Delinquent assessment collection

  • Litigation involving violations of Homeowner Association Bylaws and other governing documents

“Having worked with Mr. Martz several times relating to homeowners association matters & being impressed with his expertise & professionalism, we chose him for updating our wills. We could not be more pleased with the thoroughness & exactness with which he assisted us.  We recommend Mr. Martz with enthusiasm because of his knowledge of the law, his polite & personal demeanor, his efficiency, & his honesty.”  


Questions Every HOA Board Should Consider