Client Reviews

“You guys are the fastest attorney firm I’ve ever used.”

– B.A.
Thanks you are so awesome”
“You ROCK!!!!  Thank you!!!!”
“Having you deal with this issue was hands down less money and quicker more knowledgeable results.”

“This was a well written report and one of the best reports I have read from a defense attorney.”

“We use Reed Martz at Freeland Martz in Oxford.  He has been terrific for us on HOA legal matters and has an extensive background with HOAs.  He was instrumental in helping us [description of legal matter for which desired result was reached].”

“Reed was a godsend.  He made our adoption so easy and kept in touch along every step of the way.  We are just so grateful for his help.

“Thanks you did so awesome on this file. I really appreciate your help!!!”

“The most dangerous lawyer on the planet!”

“Thank you, and I am SO glad you’re  my TNatty now. Can’t wait to get these files moving and resolved. You know I think you’re the greatest atty, since sliced breadany way, I’ve EVER worked with! That’s why you got the TN files for xxxx, cuz xxx adores you.”
– S.K. 3/10/16

“My boss has forwarded me an e-mail from VP of ARM Services out of Dallas, Tx where they are wanting a good w/c defense attorney in Jackson, MS.  I was going to reply and give them your information and advise that even though you are not in Jackson, MS that you are the best W/C defense attorney there in MS, but I wanted to ask if you would like for me to give them your information.”
– J.B. 4/21/16